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100% Self-Paced FDA Food Traceability Rule Module

100% Self-Paced
FDA Food Traceability Rule Module

70.00 USD

Module Duration

2 Hours

At Your Own Pace: 6 months access

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100% Self-Paced

Course Description

FDA’s Final Food Traceability Rule is a pivotal component in the regulatory paradigm under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), introducing new traceability record-keeping requirements. The compliance date for the Food Traceability Final Rule is set for January 20, 2026.
With this module, you will learn how to comply with FDA's FSMA requirements for Food Traceability under 21 CFR Part 1 Subpart S. This session serves as your guide through the new FDA requirements and implications, providing clarity for businesses involved in the manufacturing, processing, packing, or holding of foods on the Food Traceability List (FTL).
For those uncertain about the rule's applicability or those seeking guidance on the next steps, this module will cover all essential concepts needed for compliance, such as Critical Tracking Events (CTEs), Key Data Elements (KDEs) and Traceability Lot Codes (TLCs). This course will be useful for individuals responsible for developing and managing traceability programs.


• What is the Food Traceability Rule

• The purpose of the Food Traceability Rule

• FDA's Timeline for Rule Compliance

• Who must comply

• The Food Traceability List (FTL)

• Exemptions

• Critical Tracking Events (CTEs)

• Key Data Elements (KDEs)

• Traceability Lot Codes (TLCs)

• Traceability Lot Code Source

• Traceability Lot Code Source References

• Traceability Plan

• Record-keeping requirements

What's Included

  • FDA Traceability Model Plans

  • Food Traceability Rule Exercise Workbook

  • Traceability Rule Compliance Fact Sheets

  • Certificate of Completion issued by FIC

Recommended For

• Food Manufacturers, processors, packers, holders, and distributors

• Retail food establishment and convenience store owners

• Restaurant Managers

• Regulatory Professionals

• Logistics and Transportation Experts

• Small Business Owners in the Food Industry

• Educators and Trainers in Food Safety

• Food Safety Consultants

• Government Inspectors

• Importers and Exporters of Food Products