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FSPCA Participant Manual

We highly recommend reading/skimming the course manual prior to attending the three day course! You may order the course manual from the FSPCA bookstore or from Amazon.

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FSPCA Exercise Workbook

You may print the workbook or use the electronic version to complete the exercises.

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Cold-Pressed Bar Example

We will use the this Food Safety Plan as practice.


Food Safety Plan Schematic

A handy "cheat sheet" for developing your Food Safety plan under the PC for Human Food rule.


Guidance, Industry Assistance, Model Plans

PCHF Applicable Regulations

A summary table of how the PCHF subparts apply to different types of facilities.


Class Links

Helpful website links from the PCQl training all in one place.


Model Food Safety Plans (PDF)

1. Broccoli, Carrot, Pecan Salad

2. Ground Black Pepper

3. Peanut Butter


FDA Food Safety Plan Builder

The FDA has released a Food Safety Plan Builder for download to assist companies in documenting their FSMA Food Safety Plan. Explore this tool and ensure to input the correct information for each section. Use of this tool is optional.

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FDA Guidance Documents

Using Guidance Documents as you develop your Food Safety Plan is crucial! Check back frequently for the latest updates and publishings from FDA.

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FDA Preventive Controls for Human Food Guidance (PDF)

Guidance for Hazard Analvsis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls for Human Food. Check back frequently as new information is added.


FDA's Appendix 1: Potential Hazards for Foods and Processes (PDF)

Appendix 1 contains information on the potential hazards for 17 food categories including Bakery, Beverage, Chocolate and Candy, Dairy, Dressings and Condiments, Egg, Food Additives, Fruits and Vegetables, Game Meat, and more. The "look up" link can be used as an alternative resource.

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FDA Bad Bug Book

(Second Edition)

The Bad Bug Book 2nd Edition. released in 2012. provides current information about the major known agents that cause foodborne illness. Each chapter in this book is about a pathogen - a bacterium, virus, or parasite - or a natural toxin that can contaminate food and cause illness.


FDA Outbreak Data

The following is a list of outbreak and adverse event investigations primarily being managed by FDA's CORE Response Teams. The investigations are in a variety of stages, meaning that some have limited information, while others may be near completion.

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European Commission RASFF Portal

The RASFF (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) portal features an interactive searchable online database. It gives public access to summary information about the most recently transmitted RASFF notifications as well as information on any notification issued in the past.

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FDA Food Fraud Resources

The website includes links on how to report food fraud; examples of food adulteration; how food fraud is detected and monitored; enforcement and legal consequences; guidance documents to assist manufacturers and importers; and a list of import alerts.

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USDA Pathogen Modeling Program

The models are based on extensive experimental data of microbial behavior in liquid microbiological media and food.


FDA Supplier Evaluation Resources

FDA resources for Supplier Evaluation. Using this tool, importers, manufacturers and processors are able to search multiple data bases at the same time.

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FDA Data Dashboard

The FDA created the Data Dashboard to display and allow for the analysis of public FDA data. This is a great tool for evaluating your foreign suppliers.


FDA Third Party Audit Standards

Resources on Third-Party Audit Standards and FSMA Supplier Verification Requirements. Templates to help receiving facilities and importers compare the standards used in a third-party audits to FDA food safety requirements. (PCHF, PCAF &Produce Rule).

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FSMA Technical Assistance Networks

Have your question answered by FDA Information Specialists or Subject Matter Experts. FDA will respond to inquiries received as soon as possible.

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