Innovative and cost effective solutions 

Our support packages are designed to help product development departments by providing consultation hours and customized  training for ingredient technology.They are designed to help food companies to achieve premium results in short time.  We create new production lines, conduct employee and management training.

FIC's latest techniques for troubleshooting & waste reduction are guaranteed to increase your profits!

Product Development is our passion

FIC's team has extensive experience in scientific product development along with drive to improve food quality.  We focus on innovative, simple, cost-effective solutions for new recipes and formula customization. Our advanced techniques have allowed us to successfully troubleshoot over 30 products and create many new products for major companies. We design based on ingredient interaction and molecular structure.                


Weuse the latest troubleshooting techniques based on a scientific approach to overcome unsolved issues in the food industry such as quality, consistency, nutrient content and waste reduction.

New Recipes and Scale-Up

Developing new formulas based on your inspirations and replicate recipes for desired taste, texture and flavour!

We provide the complete process for scaling up the formula and process adjustment to create consistent production.

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