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Food Industry Consulting (FIC) was established in 2008 by Sonia Akbarzadeh   who has over 20 years of experience in the industry. She achieved the entrepreneur of the year award in 2009 from the Canada Ministry of Education. Our expert team members have many years of experience with major companies such as Yum! restaurantsPepperidge Farm, and Furlaniā€™s Food.

We have proven our method of achieving premium results for food safety , training and product development over the last decade.

Food Safety

We believe that food safety has no borders as the food industry is dependent on foreign suppliers.

Sharing new ideas and the latest developments in food safety is critical to reduce recalls and outbreaks.


FIC's goal is to increase food safety awareness globally by providing live-virtual and on demand training courses and implementation tools.

Product Development 

Throughout our many years of experience in Product Development, we have successfully developed, troubleshooted and scaled up new products to meet market demands.

The principles of simplicity, practicality and cost-effectiveness enables us to successfully innovate new products or improve existing products for premium results.

Our latest projects include  sugar and salt reduction, Gluten free products and high-protein sport bars.


"Sonia is wonderful at giving the presentation making sure to answer any questions with her extensive background in developing food safety plans.

Donald Cox
Quality Control Officer
Wade's Dairy, Inc

I took the PCQI training through FIC and found it to be incredible easy to follow and understand the teacher despite it being online. The instructor was knowledgeable and gave many examples to put the course into perspective with real cases. By the end, I felt prepared to build my own Food Safety Plan at my establishment in accordance with FSMA regulations!

Julie Montpetit
QA Manager
Wow Factor Desserts

"FIC consistently exceeded expectations and earned recognition of other participants by providing a clean and friendly learning environment. The FIC team saved no effort to accommodate all participants in a very professional, efficient and friendly manner.

Mike Nasser
Senior Partner
Qualimpex Inc. 

Mississauga, ON, Canada
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