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Founded in 2008 by Soheila (Sonia) Akbarzadeh, Food Industry Consulting (FIC Inc.) is committed to providing expert guidance and support through comprehensive consulting services and cutting-edge food safety training in the food industry. FIC became one of the earliest providers of live-virtual online training and consulting, setting new standards for accessibility and affordability in the industry. Our mission at FIC is to strengthen and safeguard the safety of the global food supply chain. We aim to provide affordable and accessible food safety knowledge and solutions to companies involved in every step, from farm to fork.

FIC was one of the first live-virtual and on-site trainers for the standardized Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) schemes. Our comprehensive self-paced courses cover everything from Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and HACCP to Crisis Management and Canadian Food Safety Regulations. Today, our dedicated team of Lead Instructors deliver the latest food safety training, incorporating the most recent updates, such as FSPCA courses and GFSI schemes worldwide.

In addition to training, we offer a variety of consulting services, including development and implementation, GAP assessments, internal auditing for BRC and SQF, and FSVP development/review.

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Bita Saidi

Bita Saidi

  • BSc Biotechnology

  • Food Safety Trainer | FSPCA Lead Instructor

Sonia and Bita's outstanding contributions have secured them in the FSPCA 1,000 Club and One of the Top 10 Lead Instructors (2023) for Preventive Controls for Animal Food and Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP). 
Top 10 is in recognition of the number of participants trained and certificates issued between August 15, 2022 and August 15, 2023.
The 1000 Club recognizes FSPCA Lead Instructors who have collectively trained over 1,000 FSPCA course participants across the four FSPCA training curricula; PCQl for Human Food, Animal Food, FSVP and IAVA, leading to the issuance of FSPCA certificates.

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