FSPCA FSVP Foreign Supplier Verification Programs Online Training


System Requirements:
Webcam, microphone and speakers

Instructor: Bita Saidi

Course Hours:  8 AM - 5 PM

Part 2 FSVP 1 Day Live-Virtual 

USD $295.00 


This 2 part live-virtual interactive course will provide participants with the knowledge to implement the requirements of the “Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP) for Importers of Food for Humans and Animals” regulation of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Upon successful completion, participants will receive the official FSPCA certificate issued by the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO).

This course is designed for:

  1. U.S.‐based importers who meet the definition of “importer” in the FSVP rule, which includes those who own or are the consignee of food at the time of entry, or, if no owner or consignee exists, the U.S. agent or representative of the foreign owner.

  2. Others who have an interest in ensuring that the requirements of the FSVP rule are met, including brokers, exporters, foreign suppliers of food that will be exported to the U.S., persons/business owners who currently buy food from foreign sources, and representatives of foreign governments.Learning this course will enable you to understand the requirements of the FSVP rule and how these requirements can be met. It will also help you to become a Qualified Individual under this rule.

Blended Course Structure:

The FSPCA Foreign Supplier Verification Program Blended Course has two parts:

Part 1: Online Self-Paced

Part 2: Instructor-Led

Part 1: Online

Please register for the Part 1 Online course here. Once enrolled, you can begin the course immediately. You will also receive an automated enrolment confirmation email. You have 6 months to complete the online course.

Upon completion of Part 1, you will receive an enrolment ticket and a completion email. Present either the enrolment ticket or completion email to your Part 2 lead instructor. Part 1 must have been completed with 9 months of the Part 2 training.

Cost: USD $198.00

Part 2: Instructor-Led (Live-Virtual Delivery)

Instructor-Led course is a review of the material from Part 1. We will address questions that you may have related to the material and complete exercises applying the knowledge that you gained from the course materials.  In order to receive the Certificate of training from FSPCA, you must complete Part 1 Online before the Part 2 class.

Cost: USD $245.00


  • Relationship between FSMA and FSVP

  • Building the foundation for the FSVP process

  • Overview of requirements for FSVP Preventive Controls and Produce Safety

  • Hazard Analysis

  • Evaluation and Approval of Foreign Suppliers

  • Foreign Supplier Verification

  • Re-evaluation of Foreign Suppliers

  • Importer Identification

  • Importance of Records

  • FDA Oversight

  • Compliance Dates

  • Dietary Supplements

  • Modified Requirements

  • Preventive Controls and Produce Safety Overview


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

-Become a FSVP Qualified Individual
-Explain the underlying purpose(s) of the FSVP rule
-Develop and implement an FSVP
-Implement an FSVP recordkeeping system
-Summarize FDA oversight

FSPCA FSVP Certificate


  • Comprehensive FSVP electronic workbook & manual with the presentation slides and resources

  • FSPCA Qualified Individual Certificate issued by the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) ($50 Certificate Fee included)

  • Access to Private FSVP Resource Centre (Downloads, templates, guidance materials and more)


  • Manufacture who imports ingredients and food-contact packaging materials

  • Retailers who import products

  • Third Party Auditors

  • Preventative Control Qualified Individual's (PCQI) if assisting an FSVP Importer

  • Transportation Personnel

  • Brokers

  • Loaders, Carriers, Transporters

  • Receivers


"This FSVP course was extremely helpful in teaching me the overall basics of the FSVP. The course was very interactive, which helps keep you tuned in and actively learning."

Meagan Morgan
Food Safety Director
Stella Farms LLC

"Bita is an extremely kind and warm instructor. She takes the time to answer your questions. The class flows very nicely and takes a heavy subject and makes it rather light. I highly recommend for those who are looking for a flexible solution to learning the subject material."

Aaron Nastaskin
Founder at Froma Cheese

"By achieving proper training in understanding FSVP and FSMA requirements, we now have the proper foundation in place to create our Food Safety Plan and Import Food Products in accordance with governmental regulations. 

FIC made the rules very clear and easy to comprehend, which is a breath of fresh air compared to the regulations themselves.  Our instructor Bita was very professional, kind and was able to engage all participants and keep us attentive throughout the course.  I would highly recommend this course to others looking to gain their FSVP Certification or for those who are looking for training in FSMA or FSVP policies."

David Cockcroft
General Manager
NutraChem LLC

"I took this course as someone new to the Food Safety Field (only previous experience/training was taking a HACCP certification course). The pace and breakdown of the FSVP requirements as done by the class was done well enough where someone of my limited background was able to follow along and understand. The instructors took time to make sure that our questions were answered and never rushed through a topic. The group exercises were done in a way where I was able to contribute and apply concepts learned in the chapters. The materials for the course provide so many resources that I feel the extra money I spent to have the manual printed were well worth it (it has since been added to our training library as a reference). Above all, they were able to teach this course in a way that even being in the comforts of my home, I was able to pay attention and take more away than attending some classes on site.

This course was perfect to assist me in my new role at my current employer."

Brittany Christopher
Food Safety and Compliance Administrator
Christopher Ranch, LLC

Bita was able keep everyone engaged throughout the class. She was knowledgeable about FSVP and has a great positive attitude.

Great job! I would take another online class with Bita Saidi again!

Ashley Lewis
Consumer Safety Officer
Food and Drug Administration

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