Food Safety Expert Program


->  Four-Part Online Program
->  Receive highly recognized certification 
->  Complete at your own pace 

Certified Food Safety Expert Program

USD $999.00 


This complete program has been designed to help you dive into food safety, while providing a proper foundation to learn the most advanced standards.

With this program, you will learn how to implement the necessary components of a food safety system that is based on preventive controls. You will learn GMP’s which serve as the foundation of any food safety plan and are considered pre-requisites for most standards. You will learn the 12 steps in designing your HACCP program along with the necessary elements and implementation methods, including how to complete each related form. 

you will achieve PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual) certification issued by the association of Food and Drug Official(AFDO)with a 2.5 day live-virtual class as part of the Food Safety Expert Program.

To ensure that you are able to implement HARPC in your own facility after successfully completing the PCQI training, we have prepared a pre-recorded implementation video that guides you step-by-step to implement preventive controls at your own pace. 


1) Self-Paced eLearning Good Manufacturing Practices Course (GMPs)

2) Self-Paced eLearning Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Course (HACCP)

3) Live-Virtual FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food Course (PCQI Certification)

4) HARPC Implementation 


Electronic workbook and manual with the presentation slides and resources

FSMA Fillable forms and sample food safety plans

FSPCA PCQI Certificate issued by the Association of Food and Drug Officials 

Official HACCP and GMP Certification


"It was great getting insights from other industries and to see how others have been implementing/shaping their programs. Being able to ask Sonia specific questions regarding my field knowing that she has such a great knowledge base and could provide great insights was invaluable."

Daniel Gill
Quality Assurance Manager
Adirondack Beverages

"Sonia is experienced, she shares her knowledge and provides detailed answers to questions. The level of class interaction was great."

Birgul Ozturk
Food Safety Supplier Program Manager
Weston Foods (Canada) Inc.

"I found the course wholesome. Every step I learnt and enriched my knowledge towards food safety. Specifically, I liked the Food Safety Plan Schematic most and that will be helpful to narrate training to my management staff."

Hina Joshi
Quality Assurance Supervisor
Delmare Quality Foods Inc.

Mississauga, ON, Canada
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