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Course Instructor: Sonia Akbarzadeh

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Fast-track to building your Food Safety foundation! 

GMPs are considered the foundation of any food safety program as they provide the necessary environmental and operating conditions for the production of high quality and safe foods. GMP’s are required, before any advanced programs like HACCP can be implemented. 

This course consists of 15 Chapters that provide in-depth information about the top 13 GMPs required by GFSI programs for developing a HACCP Plan. In addition, two lessons on how to conduct root cause analysis and corrective actions are included.

This course has been developed to comply with GFSI Schemes.

Course Chapters:

1) Introduction to GMPs

2) Documentation & Recordkeeping

3) Root Cause Analysis & Corrective Action

4) Personal Practices

5) Sanitation

6) Facility Design & Construction

7) Allergen Control

8) Equipment & Preventive Maintenance

9) Pest Control

10) Supplier Approval Program

11) Water Control

12) Shipping, Receiving & Transportation

13) Training Program

14) Storage & Handling

15) Recall Program



"Sonia knows her stuff! A pleasant presentation with good examples, experienced first hand, to better explain the information."

Joseph DiArenzo
CG Roxane

"Sonia had a great mix of factual information, deep industry knowledge and a wealth of examples of how to apply what was learned.  She presented the information in a very consumable form which enabled me to immediately take what I learned and apply it."

Jan Jackman
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