HARPC Implementation Course


Instructor: Sonia Akbarzadeh

 PCQI Refresher Course

3 Hour Video Lesson Step by Step 

USD $145.00


The PCQI Refresher training course is designed to refresh your knowledge on developing, implementing and maintaining a Preventive Control Food Safety System. 

This course serves as a practical guide that will walk you through the different steps of HARPC implementation to either modify your current food safety plan or create a new plan. Several complete examples of a Preventive Control Food Safety Plan for a model food product and fillable templates are included.


1)  5 Preliminary Steps 

2)  Biological, Chemical including radiological, Economically Motivated & Physical Hazards 

3)  Conducting a Hazard Analysis 

4)  Process Preventive Controls 

5)  Allergen Preventive Controls 

6)  Sanitation Preventive Controls 

7)  Supply-Chain Preventive Controls 

8)  Verification and Validation 

9)  Recordkeeping 

10)  Recall 


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