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FSPCA 100% Self-Paced PCQI Refresher Course

100% Self-Paced
PCQI Refresher Training Module

120.00 USD

Course Duration

4 Hours

At Your Own Pace: 6 months access

System Requirements



100% Self-Paced

Course Description

Refresh your expertise with practical exercises in developing, implementing, and maintaining your Food Safety System with FIC's PCQI Refresher training. This Training Module offers a step-by-step walkthrough of preventive controls implementation to meet U.S Food Safety Requirements. As a PCQl, you are responsible for ensuring the safety of products for human consumption. Regular training is essential to stay up-to-date on the latest FDA regulations and enhance your skills.

This course ensures you are well-equipped to:
Understand FDA requirements for the Preventive Controls for Human Food regulation
Lead the creation, management, and monitoring of FSMA-compliant food safety plans
Effectively identify, reduce, and prevent food safety risks to prevent foodborne illnesses
Ensure compliance with the FDA's Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls


• 5 Preliminary Steps

• Biological, Chemical including

radiological, Economically Motivated &

Physical Hazards

• Conducting a Hazard Analysis

• Process Preventive Controls

• Allergen Preventive Controls

• Sanitation Preventive Controls

• Supply-Chain Preventive Controls

• Verification and Validation

• Record-keeping

• Recall

What's Included

Video Lessons

Fillable Forms

Downloadable Resources and tools

Model Food Safety Plans

FIC Food Safety Plan Schematic

Recommended For

• U.S Food manufactures, processors, packers, holders, and distributors.

• Food exporters to the U.S.

• QA Directors and QA Managers

• QA/Production Supervisors

• Operations Managers

• SOF Practitioners

• BRC Professionals

• HACCP Coordinators

• Food Safety Technicians

• Auditors

• Food Science Graduates

• Food Safety Consultants

• Compliance officers

• Regulatory Affairs Specialists