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FSPCA PCQI for Animal Food Course
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Course Description

This 2.5 day live-virtual Preventive Controls for Animal Food course follows the standardized curriculum designed by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (SPCA) in collaboration with the FDA. This comprehensive training equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure safe manufacturing, processing, packing, and holding of food products for animal consumption in the United States. 
By taking this course, participants will learn how to implement a food safety plan by conducting hazard analysis and implementing risk-based preventive controls in accordance with FDA requirements. During this training, you progressively develop comprehensive model Food Safety Plans for pet food and livestock feed throughout the course.

What's Included

FSPCA Course Participant Manual & Exercise Workbook

Fillable forms and model food safety plans

FIC Food Safety Plan Schematic

Access to FIC's Private Resource Centre

Earn Your Official FSPCA Certificate

Upon successful completion, you will receive an official FSPCA "Preventive Controls Qualified Individual" certificate issued by AFDO.

Certificate Fees are Included.

Online Learning

Take advantage of the Live-Virtual format and take the training from anywhere.

Interact with instructors and classmates.  

Ask all of your questions and open discussions.

Become an Animal Food PCQI | Comply with FDA Requirements


• Regulatory Overview and Introduction to theRule

• Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs)

• Animal Food Safety Hazards

• Overview of the Food Safetv Plan

• Hazard Analvsis and Preventive ControlsDetermination

• Required Preventive Control ManagementComponents

• Process Preventive Controls

• Sanitation Controls

• Supply-Chain-Applied Controls

• Recall Plan


• Define Food Safety Plan contents and delve into foundational programs like CGMPs

• Progressively develop a comprehensive Food Safety Plan for a model product throughout the course

• Engage in practical exercises to identify tools and tasks for effective preventive controls

• Understand FDA requirements for the Preventive Controls for Animal Food regulation

• Participate in discussions, group workshops, and individual learning activities

Recommended For

• U.S manufactures, processors, packers, holders, and distributors of animal food (livestock feed and pet food)

• Animal food exporters to the U.S.

• QA Directors

• Plant Managers

• Production Supervisors

• Operations Managers

• SQF and BRC Practitioners

• HACCP Coordinators

• Food Safety Consultants and Technicians

• Auditors

• Compliance officers

• Regulatory Affairs Specialists

Course Instructors

Bita Saidi

Food Safety Trainer, FSPCA Lead Instructor

Nima Saidi

Food Safety Trainer, Assistant Instructor

Bita Saidi FSPCA Top 10 Animal Food Recognition Certificate
Bita Saidi FSPCA 1000 Club Recognition Certificate

Bita's outstanding contributions have secured her in the FSPCA 1,000 Club and One of the Top 10 Lead Instructors (2023) for Preventive Controls (PC) for Animal Food.

Top 10 is in recognition of the number of participants trained and certificates issued between August 15, 2022 and August 15, 2023.

The 1000 club recognizes FSPCA Lead Instructors who have collectively trained over 1,000 FSPCA course participants across the four FSPCA training curricula; PCQl for Human Food, Animal Food, FSVP and IAVA, leading to the issuance of FSPCA certificates.