Safe Food for Canadians


Course Instructors: 

Sonia Akbarzadeh
Bita Saidi 

Safe Food for Canadians Regulations 

Self-Paced Express Learning Course

USD $275.00
Duration: 6 Hours


This convenient online course focuses on implementing the two Preventive Control Plan (PCPs) required under CFIA's Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, Food Safety PCP and Market Fairness PCP. The course will also help with understanding the key licensing requirements of SFCR. The SFCR is aligned with internationally recognized standards, such as CODEX Alimentarius, for food safety and consumer protection requirements.

The course is self-paced online training-log in and out according to your schedule. You have 3 months to complete the training. Upon completion of all the chapters, you may print a certificate of completion. 

Topics :

1) Requirements and guidance for food exporters and importers (Licensing, traceability and preventive controls) to comply with CFIA

2) Food Safety Preventive Control Plan (PCP)   

- Types of Hazards: Biological, Chemical and Physical

- Five Preliminary Steps 

- Conducting Hazard Analysis to determine significant hazards and their control measures

- Critical Control Point Procedure (Critical Limits, Monitoring, Corrective Action, Verification and Recordkeeping)

- Evidence showing control measures are effective

- Evidence showing the PCP has been implemented

3) Customer Protection and Market Fairness Preventive Control Plan 

- Labelling, standards of identity, grades, packaging and net quantity

4) Introduction to Food-specific requirements and guidance
In addition to general requirements, other requirements apply to specific foods.

5) Toolkit for businesses- Interactive tools and other resources to see how and when new requirements will apply to your business and what you need to do. 

6) What is the difference between a HACCP plan/prerequisite program (FSEP) and a preventive control plan.


  • QA Directors and Managers

  • QA/Production Supervisors

  • Operations Managers

  • SQF Practitioners 

  • BRC Professionals

  • HACCP Coordinators

  • Food Safety Technicians

  • Food Safety Auditors

  • Food Safety/Food Science Graduates

  • Food Safety Consultants

  • Owners/Operators of Food Facilities

  • Supply-Chain Managers

  • Food Importers and Exporters


  • Access to Resources, templates and downloads

  • Preventive Control Plan Resources

  • Review of PCP Development for a Model Food Example

  • SFCA Food Safety Plan Implementation Schematic  

  • SFCR Regulation Overview Schematic 

  • Certificate of Participation

SFCR Certificate



"The course was well organized, presented and informative. The instructors demonstrated high knowledge and confidence about food safety and the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations. The instructors could deliver guidelines to streamline the process of the new regulations coming into effect. The  training method was comfortable, friendly ."

Vesta Mostafavi
Food Safety Specialist
Sofina Foods

"The course was very helpful. They answered most, if not all of my questions regarding the regulations."

Sébastien Joseph
Food Safety Compliance Coordinator
Brecon Foods Inc.

"Since this is a new regulation that impacts all of the Food Industry in Canada, it was very helpful to receive guidelines on the key aspects, as well as the resources that are available."

Maria Rengifo          
FSQA Coordinator
Lynch Foods


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