Kudos to Sonia and Bita for your extensive knowledge and presentation skills! What interested me most was a variety of methods used to present FSMA course content including very informative variety of sample FSPs. The session exceeded my expectations. I will highly recommend anyone seeking to be food safety expert to contact FIC.

Moses Cheruiyot
QA & Food Safety Team Leader
C. Dorman Limited, Nairobi, Kenya

This is my very first time to participate in an online course in Canada; I didn’t realize online courses may be as much interactive as like in person training sessions. My hats off to Sonia!  She was definitely a good resource person when it comes to Food Safety. I will definitely be looking forward to having my next course with FIC!"

Mary Joy Domingo
HACCP Coordinator
Scoular Canada, Ltd.

I really enjoyed the course. I thought the materials were excellent, really well put together with great examples of the concepts involved in each topic. 

Sonia was very into her class and made it very enjoyable. She was very knowledgable about the material and although it could be a little bit boring, she made it easy to pay attention and grasp the concepts. By far one of the best instructors I have had. I look forward to putting these ideas into action in my job.

Agnieszka Patino
Quality Engineer
RR Donnelley Global Turnkey Solutions

This class was very informative and gives great insight into our industry. I do not believe the general public really knows how much goes into making sure the foods they eat are safe and how many people and steps are involved in that safety.

The instructors in this course were extremely knowable and personable, kept the class well engaged and informed. This was a great learning experience and I truly enjoyed it.  

Ronald Landry
Food Safety Program Manager
Sysco West Coast Florida

This course provides the materials and training necessary to formulate, implement, and document a functioning food safety plan. While there are many similar courses, the online delivery method used by FIC draws an invaluable diversity of participants from a wide range of geographical areas.

Joel Vonnahme
Quality Assurance and Control Manager
Hawaiian Springs

I enjoyed the online learning environment as it was informative, interactive and easy to follow along. Lots of good information available to share with our team even when working with Food Safety Plans for the last 5 years. I would recommend this course to anyone who works in the food industry.

Jeannie Daniel Codraro
Managing Director
BOV Solutions, Inc




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