Very happy I enrolled in this course. 

The length and course flow were ideal.  The level of interaction kept me engaged throughout.

Charles North
FSQMS Coordinator
Viterra, Manitoba


I enjoyed the presentation format, it summarized the details into key items and we have the extensive manual to refer back to when needed. I felt that it was a good class size, and the video interactions were useful in letting us learn about other companies challenges or solutions.

Corinne Fletcher
QA Supervisor
BioNeutra North America Inc.

I took the PCQI – Human Food training on-line.   I really enjoyed not having to travel and being able to do this at my own location.  Sonia and Bita covered the material in a clear and concise manner and worked to ensure that all attendees grasped all the material.

I would highly recommend anyone needing to complete PCQI training to consider using this course!

Sandra Terry
Safety Manager/ Food Defence Coordinator
Frontier Ag Inc.

Overall I found this training very well run, knowledgeable yet relaxed. The format, content and length were great. The trainers did a great job with delivery the training to a high standard.

Jen Barnett
Senior Food Scientist
Covance Science & Technology Centre, United Kingdom

This is the BEST way to become PCQI certified! I loved the complete online learning program and having two great teachers, Sonia and Bita. Their ability to extract and present the knowledge concisely made the learning (almost!) fun. 

Sonia has many strengths that make her a great presenter. She makes others feel at ease from the moment they log into the web meeting while at the same time maintaining a high level of professionalism and relevant knowledge base. Her ability to keep the material flowing seamlessly while at the same time moving backward for follow-up questions, shows her depth of knowledge plus her mental capacity for handling multiple topics simultaneously. She’s a great people person, and she was patient and kind to every student in the class no matter what their background. 

Tami Burton
Sales Account Manager
Belgravia Imports, Rhode Island

FIC consistently exceeded expectations and earned recognition of other participants by providing a clean and friendly learning environment. The FIC team saved no effort to accommodate all participants in a very professional, efficient and friendly manner.  Sonia proved to be open-minded and able to make sense of complex questions. Throughout the 3 day course, she kept the group focused. Sonia with her extensive knowledge and experience in the food industry was a great help to understand and comprehend the complex requirements of FSMA.

Mike Nasser
Senior Partner
Qualimpex Inc. 




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