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I enjoyed the Webinar format. It had a “real” classroom feel to it. Sonia did an excellent job presenting the subject matter in an understandable manner.  She also explained concepts that were new or difficult to understand in a way that made sense to me.  I have taken several Webinar courses and this was by far the best one yet.  

John Montoya
Plant Quality Manager
Olam International

Best and most cost effective way of completing the PCQI training. Why pay for the hiring of an expensive room, when you can do it in your office or at home. 

Very professionally run presentation, very knowledgeable trainer. Well organized training company. Would recommend them to any prospective PCQI

John Prichard
Owner of JP Associates
UK-Based Consultancy

I found the course wholesome. Every step I learnt and enriched my knowledge towards food safety. Specifically, I liked the Food Safety Plan Schematic most and that will be helpful to narrate training to my management staff. The instructor was perfect! She kept us all busy, involved and the training was so interactive.

Hina Joshi
Quality Assurance Supervisor Delmare
Quality Foods Inc.

I think it was very well put together.  It was nice to set up the meetings prior to the actual training to make sure everything moved smoothly.  I think that the information was direct and very informative.  I would recommend this to others that are seeking to learn about preventative controls and how to implement them into your Food Safety Plan.

Kyle C. Bennett
Plant Manager
Baby Swiss Cheese

The level of interaction was exceptional. It was great getting insights from other industries and to see how others have been implementing/shaping their programs. Being able to ask Sonia specific questions regarding my field knowing that she has such a great knowledge base and could provide great insights was invaluable. The instructor's breadth of knowledge was exceptional. She was also very kind, very responsive to the course participants (as were Bita and David). All of the people involved from the administrative end of this course were highly impressive in the level of professionalism, but even more so because you could tell they genuinely cared about making sure that the participants were getting what they needed out of it and were well cared for.

I loved the online learning environment. It’s highly convenient for those who don’t like business travel, and it’s a wonderful way of bringing people together. Travelling to a particular expert who may be halfway around the world may well not be feasible for most people; but with the advent of online learning and the platform it provides, access to industry leaders can be a click away. It’s great.

Daniel Gill
Quality Assurance Manager
Adirondack Beverages

The PCQI course offered by the FIC team was very informative and well executed in a planned manner. I can resonate Sonia as a truly professional person. With her experience and unique interactive teaching techniques, Sonia shared her wealth of subject knowledge during the class with tools like different Food Safety Plan models, Regulatory requirements both at national and international levels with clear and crisp resources to implement the requirements of FSMA.

I liked the group exercises done during the class that gave me an opportunity to document information on mock Food Safety Plans from critics’ point of view. Food Safety Plan Schematic was always handy and would be one of my best tools to refine my existing Food Safety Plans and serve as a roadmap for the new ones.

By the end of this Course, it became very apparent that I have excellent understanding of process controls for FSPCA Preventive controls for Human Food. The administration Staff was equally helpful. I would definitely recommend FIC for PCQI Course for everyone.

Satvinder Bilkhu
Operations Manager and Food Safety Coordinator
Mike and Mike's Organics Inc




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