FIC Testimonials


This material was not my educational or training background. If you are debating whether or not to delay taking this course due to inexperience, don’t delay any further. This course presents a good balance between the basics and more advanced thinking and applications. Print the course materials before class and bind them into a book- it will make it far easier to do efficient note taking, follow lectures, and keep/note additional resources. It is a very positive, welcoming, and open learning environment. I will recommend it to anyone who wants to really understand food safety.
I learned a lot even though I am new to the field.

Fadekemi Oba
Quality Control Manager
Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water, California

Sonia and Bita made a superb effort in making the voluminous training content a great read, and a lasting remembrance for those of us who are involved in the industry concerning safety of foods and beverages, through their interactive delivery method, examples, discussions, various exercises, templates and answers to our challenging questions. The participants added to the amazing diversity of learning. The virtual training class felt very much like a live attendance traditional classroom setting, largely because Sonia and Bita encouraged participants to contribute their views to a topic. Overall, FIC instructors, Sonia and Bita made the course a great learning and professional experience!

Amit Kheradia
Education and Technical Support Manager
Remco Products Corp, Los Angeles

If you need to be PCQI-certified, taking this course online from FIC is a great way to complete that training. I didn’t have much experience with FSMA or preventive control management, and the instructors made it much easier to understand that I thought possible. They used real-world examples, clear explanations, and detailed company examples and exercises. I found the sample hazard analysis and company ‘example’ documentation especially helpful, because that’s not something that you can go look up online anywhere. It gave me a lot of resources so that I can prepare my own forms in the future, which I consider invaluable. FIC provides a comprehensive course that I would recommend to anyone who is new to FSMA or needs PCQI certification. It was fast-paced so that I didn’t become bored, but both instructors were always there to answer any questions that any in the class had, and they were very friendly and encouraging about our progress. Highly recommended!

Catherine Henry
Founder and Owner
Grow Emerging Companies LLC, Oregon

The instructors were very knowledgeable and engaging. They kept us interested and engaged as they presented a lot of information by referencing the class examples and their real life experiences. The audio and visual aspect of the virtual classroom allowed all participants to interact with each other when asking questions, clarifying information and sharing work experiences. I would highly recommend this class to others.

Patricia Ellis
Quality Assurance Manager
CCNNE, New Hampshire

FIC FSPCA course was taught in a very professional but hospitable manner. Examples, questions, and interaction were facilitated very well with a seamless learning process.

The instructors are content masters who gave us, as students and fellow professionals, confidence in what we learned. The course left us with tools and commitment to exceed the PQCI requirements and responsibilities.

Patrick Gerrard Sr.
Director of Quality
Genysis Group, Utah

The instructors delivered the course information using an interactive approach, providing both real life examples, modeling, group and individual exercises. During the course overview, each made reference to relevant resources and continued reading that would help to further our understanding. I found them to be both genuinely interested in each of the class attendees, our experiences and needs to ensure we were able to successful complete the requirements.

Jill P Conklin
Product Development Consultant
SuperChefs, New York

Overall I found this training very well run, knowledgeable yet relaxed. The format, content and length were great. The trainers did a great job with delivery the training to a high standard.

Jen Barnett
Senior Food Scientist
Covance Science & Technology Centre, United Kingdom

FIC provided the classroom environment that facilitated learning without the inconvenience of actually having to go to a class. I was able to complete the PCQI training without having to pay for travel and a hotel. I am currently using what I learned in the course to implement the food safety plan at Quattro Citrus Products in Largo, Florida. I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to create a food safety system.

Nicholas Maroney
Research Development Engineering Manager
Quattro Citrus Products, LLC

This class was very informative and gives great insight into our industry. I do not believe the general public really knows how much goes into making sure the foods they eat are safe and how many people and steps are involved in that safety. The instructors in this course were extremely knowable and personable, kept the class well engaged and informed. This was a great learning experience and I truly enjoyed it.  

Ronald Landry
Food Safety Program Manager
Sysco West Coast Florida

This course provides the materials and training necessary to formulate, implement, and document a functioning food safety plan. While there are many similar courses, the online delivery method used by FIC draws an invaluable diversity of participants from a wide range of geographical areas.

Joel Vonnahme
Quality Assurance and Control Manager
Hawaiian Springs

This was my first time to have online course. I never knew such courses are very interactive and educative. Kudos to Sonia and Bita for your extensive knowledge and presentation skills! What interested me most was a variety of methods used to present FSMA course content including very informative variety of sample FSPs. The session exceeded my expectations. I will highly recommend anyone seeking to be food safety expert to contact FIC.

Moses Cheruiyot
QA & Food Safety Team Leader
C. Dorman Limited, Nairobi, Kenya

This is the BEST way to become PCQI certified! I loved the complete online learning program and having two great teachers, Sonia and Bita. Their ability to extract and present the knowledge concisely made the learning (almost!) fun. 

Sonia has many strengths that make her a great presenter. She makes others feel at ease from the moment they log into the web meeting while at the same time maintaining a high level of professionalism and relevant knowledge base. Her ability to keep the material flowing seamlessly while at the same time moving backward for follow-up questions, shows her depth of knowledge plus her mental capacity for handling multiple topics simultaneously. She’s a great people person, and she was patient and kind to every student in the class no matter what their background. Bita has a wonderful way of calming down the most anxious student (ME!!!) without being condescending or impatient. She has a lovely ability to be tenacious without being irritating. She makes a great presenter, as well and made herself available during breaks and after class for further teaching.

Tami Burton
Sales Account Manager
Belgravia Imports, Rhode Island

Thorough explanations, easy to follow along instruction, the ability to complete online as opposed to travelling was super convenient and cost effective. Sonia has the expertise and just the right demeanour to train on such an important topic. I felt there was just enough interaction to move the class along. Overall, it was a very positive experience, and I would encourage anyone who needs this certification to take the class. 

Cindy Carlino
President Owner
Ohio Premium Provisions

I took the PCQI – Human Food training on-line.   I really enjoyed not having to travel and being able to do this at my own location.  Sonia and Bita covered the material in a clear and concise manner and worked to ensure that all attendees grasped all the material.

I would highly recommend anyone needing to complete PCQI training to consider using this course!

Sandra Terry
Safety Manager/ Food Defence Coordinator
Frontier Ag Inc.

I really enjoyed the course. I thought the materials were excellent, really well put together with great examples of the concepts involved in each topic. 

Sonia was very into her class and made it very enjoyable. She was very knowledgable about the material and although it could be a little bit boring, she made it easy to pay attention and grasp the concepts. By far one of the best instructors I have had. I look forward to putting these ideas into action in my job.

Agnieszka Patino
Quality EngineerRR Donnelley Global Turnkey Solutions

I enjoyed the online learning environment as it was informative, interactive and easy to follow along. The instructor was not monotone and had very nice energy so you don’t feel like falling asleep during class. I could be at home with my family at night but learn what was necessary during the day.   Lots of good information available to share with our team even when working with Food Safety Plans for the last 5 years. I would recommend this course to anyone who works in the food industry.

Jeannie Daniel Codraro
Managing Director,BOV Solutions, Inc

I went into the PCQI training as my first experience in a Webinar format. Surprisingly, not only was the course more affordable and cost effective then traveling to and from a seminar, the experience turned out to be outstanding.

Sonia is wonderful at giving the presentation making sure to answer any questions with her extensive background in developing food safety plans. You can see in both Sonia, and her teaching assistant Bita, a passion in what they present in the course, and the responsibility they show in stressing throughout how important the position of a PCQI is and the consequences of not understanding this course.

I would highly recommend to any company looking to train their employees in food safety.

Donald Cox
Quality Control Officer,Wade's Dairy, Inc

I took the PCQI training through FIC and found it to be incredible easy to follow and understand the teacher despite it being online. The course was well structured and IT was addressed individually prior to course commencement which eliminated any delays. The instructor was knowledgeable and gave many examples to put the course into perspective with real cases. By the end, I felt prepared to build my own Food Safety Plan at my establishment in accordance with FSMA regulations, which was the whole point to begin with!

Julie Montpetit
QA Manager,Wow Factor Desserts


"I enjoyed the presentation format, it summarized the details into key items and we have the extensive manual to refer back to when needed.  I also appreciated the remote/video training option.  I felt it was just as effective as classroom training but more cost and time effective.  I felt that it was a good class size, and the video interactions were useful in letting us learn about other companies challenges or solutions."

Corinne Fletcher
QA Supervisor, BioNeutra North America Inc.

Olam International

"I enjoyed the Webinar format.  It allowed for interaction with the instructor and other students.  It had a “real” classroom feel to it.

Sonia did an excellent job presenting the subject matter in an understandable manner.  She also explained concepts that were new or difficult to understand in a way that made sense to me.  I have taken several Webinar courses and this was by far the best one yet.  Sonia’s presentation as well as our course manual made this a very good learning experience."

John Montoya
Plant Quality Manager, Olam International

"I think it was very well put together.  It was nice to set up the meetings prior to the actual training to make sure everything moved smoothly.  I think that the information was direct and very informative.  I would recommend this to others that are seeking to learn about preventative controls and how to implement them into your Food Safety Plan."  

Kyle C. Bennett
Plant Manager, Baby Swiss Cheese

"The level of interaction was exceptional. It was great getting insights from other industries and to see how others have been implementing/shaping their programs. Being able to ask Sonia specific questions regarding my field knowing that she has such a great knowledge base and could provide great insights was invaluable. The instructor's breadth of knowledge was exceptional. She was also very kind, very responsive to the course participants (as were Bita and David). All of the people involved from the administrative end of this course were highly impressive in the level of professionalism, but even more so because you could tell they genuinely cared about making sure that the participants were getting what they needed out of it and were well cared for.

I loved the online learning environment. It’s highly convenient for those who don’t like business travel, and it’s a wonderful way of bringing people together. Travelling to a particular expert who may be halfway around the world may well not be feasible for most people; but with the advent of online learning and the platform it provides, access to industry leaders can be a click away. It’s great."

Daniel Gill
Quality Assurance Manager ,Adirondack Beverages

"The PCQI course offered by the FIC team was very informative and well executed in a planned manner. I can resonate Sonia as a truly professional person. With her experience and unique interactive teaching techniques, Sonia shared her wealth of subject knowledge during the class with tools like different Food Safety Plan models, Regulatory requirements both at national and international levels with clear and crisp resources to implement the requirements of FSMA.

I liked the group exercises done during the class that gave me an opportunity to document information on mock Food Safety Plans from critics’ point of view. Food Safety Plan Schematic was always handy and would be one of my best tools to refine my existing Food Safety Plans and serve as a roadmap for the new ones.

By the end of this Course, it became very apparent that I have excellent understanding of process controls for FSPCA Preventive controls for Human Food. The administration Staff was equally helpful. I would definitely recommend FIC for PCQI Course for everyone."

Satvinder Bilkhu
Operations Manager and Food Safety Coordinator . Mike and Mike's Organics Inc

"Best and most cost effective way of completing the PCQI training. Why pay for the hiring of an expensive room, when you can do it in your office or at home. Very professionally run presentation, very knowledgeable trainer. Well organized training company. Would recommend them to any prospective PCQI"

John Prichard
Owner of JP Associates, UK-Based Consultancy

"This is my very first time to participate in an online course in Canada; I didn’t realize online courses may be as much interactive as like in person training sessions. My hats off to Sonia!  She was definitely a good resource person when it comes to Food Safety. She never fails to make sure participants really understand the topics, and will go all the way reviewing previous topics to bring everyone on the same page.  She is good at giving points/clues of exam question which I am not sure if everyone noticed it during our session. Lol! Bita has been such a big help and very nice to talk to as well when it comes to technical issues. I will definitely be looking forward to having my next course with FIC!"

Mary Joy Domingo
HACCP Coordinator, Scoular Canada, Ltd.

"FIC consistently exceeded expectations and earned recognition of other participants by providing a clean and friendly learning environment. The FIC team saved no effort to accommodate all participants in a very professional, efficient and friendly manner.  Sonia proved to be open-minded and able to make sense of complex questions. Throughout the 3 day course, she kept the group focused. Sonia with her extensive knowledge and experience in the food industry was a great help to understand and comprehend the complex requirements of FSMA."

Mike Nasser
Senior Partner, Qualimpex Inc. 

"I found the course wholesome. Every step I learnt and enriched my knowledge towards food safety. Specifically, I liked the Food Safety Plan Schematic most and that will be helpful to narrate training to my management staff. The instructor was perfect! She kept us all busy, involved and the training was so interactive."

Hina Joshi
Quality Assurance Supervisor Delmare,Quality Foods Inc.

"Suggested to all manufacturers of food products for further improvement of their food safety systems. Sonia always ensures you understand before proceeding."

Don Kosak
Food Safety Auditor

"Well organized and supported. This was one of the best meetings I had ever participated and there have been a few. Interactions has been fun and a lot of knowledge was shared around the table. Sonia clarified a lot of questions concerning FSMA. Much was learned."

Petros Loutas
VP QAQC & Regulatory Affairs

"Sonia is experienced, she shares her knowledge and provides detailed answers to questions. The level of class interaction was great."

Birgul Ozturk
Corporate Food Safety Supplier Program Manager, Weston Foods (Canada) Inc.

"The instructor was able to clarify the requirements of FSMA, making them clear and I have confidence that I will be able to implement and communicate at our facility. Sonia is a good speaker. She is able to relate the requirements with industry examples, which helps with understanding. Her industry knowledge, experience and how she relates that experience with the requirements is invaluable."

Karen Cork
QA Manager, Weetabix Inc.

"By the end of the course, I came away with a clear understanding of process controls for human food requirements.  What I liked best were the group exercises, (hands on scenarios with a mock company), handbook and handouts, the class size and the location of the class (adjacent to a hotel, shopping mall and restaurants). The instructor had the ability to explain the requirements in a manner that is easy to understand. The small class size worked very well. There was enough diversity across the different sectors of the food industry among participants. The course met all of my learning objectives."

Jennifer DiMatteo
Director Quality Assurance, Freeze-Dry Foods

"The course was easy to follow and informative. Sonia gave examples and encourages the class to share their personal experiences. The class environment was very comfortable and there were no distractions."

Kim McGregor
Quality Assurance Supervisor, Weetabix Inc.

Dhiren Thakur

"The PCQI course organized and conducted by FIC was very informative. The FIC team did an excellent job in maintaining highest standard in delivery of the course. It was executed in the same way as stated in the course plan and all the sessions were highly interactive. The instructor showed her wealth of knowledge with the participants in addition to the details in the manual. I thank the FIC team for nice organization and high professional standard."

Dhiren Thakur
Quality Assurance Manager, Tasty Selections

Julie Garner

"I will definitely take future courses offered by FIC. The course FSPCA Preventive controls for human food was excellent! Sonia, the instructor was very detailed, clear and able to hold my attention with examples, real-life applications combined with solid science-based information to understand the principles and the requirements supporting the FSPCA standards. I now know how to improve our company HACCP program to make it more robust and accurate."

Julie Garner
Food Safety Manager , The Comfy Cow

"Excellent course and the instructor did a great job. She explains all the information and uses real-life experiences to illustrate her points. I would recommend this course to others."

Terry Pepper
Senior Quality Manager,Weetabix North America Inc.

Rachel Brecon

"Sonia's ability to provide a clear and informative course provided our organization with the essential knowledge and resources to implement FSMA. The entire team was extremely helpful and professional. I would recommend FIC's services to anyone looking to further their knowledge on food safety."

Rachel Morgan
General Manager, Brecon Foods

Jeremy Loewen

"I appreciate the small class training which provides more interaction and personal learning. I am relatively new to food safety and this training was very beneficial to me as it was clearly presented and Sonia has a lot of practical, relevant knowledge."

Jeremy Loewen
HACCP coordinator, Scoular Canada

Jeanette Lucier

"Whether mandatory or not, this course was extremely valuable to recognize how these changes will impact our FS plans in the future as well as to give some reassurance that our current GFSI recognized schemes have prepared us for these new additional requirements."

Jeanette Lucier
Food Safety Manager
Scoular Canada

Melanie Champagne

"Highly recommend you take this course. Very informative. Engaging teacher. Love the approach."

Melanie Champagne
QC Specialist, Brecon Foods


"The course was well presented and contents were explained well. Good interaction with presenter and the group.  Lots of relevant information covered in this course. The expectations are well presented. Class size was optimum."

Jayant Shirodker
Food Safety Professional