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Sonia and Bita made a superb effort in making the voluminous training content a great read, and a lasting remembrance for those of us who are involved in the industry concerning safety of foods and beverages, through their interactive delivery method, examples, discussions, various exercises, templates and answers to our challenging questions. Overall, FIC instructors, Sonia and Bita made the course a great learning and professional experience!

Amit Kheradia
Education and Technical Support Manager
Remco Products Corp, Los Angeles

The PCQI training is a wonderful course to have. It actually encourages me to offer safe products to consumers by controlling the high-risk hazards and of course with GMP and other prerequisite programs. I did many preventive measures in the past when I was working in food selling industry but just realized the reasons behind those preventive practices after this course. The instructor is knowledgeable, manages the course pace and interactions very well, is articulate and patient.

Anders Chao   
Goldencrops Canada Inc., Prince Edward Island

This material was not my educational or training background. If you are debating whether or not to delay taking this course due to inexperience, don’t delay any further. This course presents a good balance between the basics and more advanced thinking and applications. Print the course materials before class and bind them into a book- it will make it far easier to do efficient note taking, follow lectures, and keep/note additional resources. It is a very positive, welcoming, and open learning environment. I will recommend it to anyone who wants to really understand food safety. I learned a lot even though I am new to the field.

Fadekemi Oba
Quality Control Manager
Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water, California

As a relatively new individual to the food industry, my instructor’s knowledge of the PCQI for Human Food topic was effectively geared for both new learners and experienced individuals. I appreciated the mixture of traditional Powerpoint learning followed by the opportunities to apply the learnings (Breakout Interactive Sessions). The learning environment was a great blend to engage participants while effectively delivering the course material to demonstrate competency as a PCQI for Human Food.

Brittney Lagerman
Associate Scientist Value Stream
Mars Inc, Illinois 

The instructors were very knowledgable and engaging. They kept us interested and engaged as they presented a lot of information by referencing the class examples and their real life experiences. The audio and visual aspect of the virtual classroom allowed all participants to interact with each other when asking questions, clarifying information and sharing work experiences. I would highly recommend this class to others.

Patricia Ellis
Quality Assurance Manager
CCNNE, New Hampshire

This course was more than I expected. It had great content and was delivered well. It gave me a deeper understanding of what I am doing. I thought it was going to be a long three days and I would be bored stiff. That was not the case. The course is interactive and engaging. I will recommend this course to my colleagues. Thank you for a great experience!

Rose Spear
QA Manager
Nemo’s Bakery, California






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